Parking Changes

May 15, 2013

Starting June 1, 2013 construction around Lafayette General Medical Center (LGMC) will expand to include all parking areas on the East side of the Heymann Center (between Heymann & LGMC).  As such, parking for events at the Heymann Center will be limited. This parking shortage will last into Spring/Summer 2014.  The end result will produce a new six-level parking tower shared by both LGMC and Heymann. 

In an effort to help alleviate interim parking problems, the Heymann Center strongly encourages its guests to carpool whenever possible.  Additionally, LGMC will provide its parking lots on nights and weekends to Heymann Center guests in the following areas: (See attached map)

Employee lot located at the corner of South College Road & PASA Place (formally Auditorium Pl.).

Professional Office Building lot located at the corner of Girard Park Drive & Hospital Drive.

LGMC Garage adjacent to Burdin Riehl office building off Coolidge Street. ***Complimentary shuttle service will be provided by LGMC from the front entrance of Burdin Riehl to the Heymann Center.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this transition.



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