Heymann Performing Arts and Convention Center

Architect A. Hayes Town designed the first municipal auditorium in Lafayette in 1957, envisioned by Mayor Jerome Domengeaux and Herbert Heymann. Bringing economic, cultural and educational benefits to the hub city, this auditorium would serve the people of Acadiana, an eight-parish region in South Louisiana and the heart of Cajun Country. Construction on the auditorium was completed in 1960.

Over 50 years later and after numerous renovations, the rededicated Heymann Performing Arts Center continues to benefit the city and those who enjoy its attractions. Located adjacent to Lafayette’s Oil Center, the auditorium boasts bi-monthly performances from that of Acadiana Symphony Orchestra, world renown artists and entertainers presented by Performing Arts Society of Acadiana, Broadway hits presented by Innovation Arts and Entertainment and dozens of other community functions throughout the year. Its 2,230 seating capacity and state-of-the-art acoustical arrangement make it one of the most intimate venues in Acadiana. Come share in the timeless charm of Lafayette, and the classic style of the Heymann Performing Arts Center.

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